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Rates and packages for professional writing and editing services by Pete Kempshall

Rates and packages offered by Pete Kempshall for professional writing and editing services.

Rates & packages


Every writing or editing project is unique, and so the work needed to complete each job can range from a little to... well, a lot.

I structure rates as either by the hour or by the word, depending on the job and the level of work involved. Proofreading, for example, is undertaken on an hourly rate, whereas writing commissions and structural edits or line edits of novels tend to be charged by the word. I am happy to package editing tasks where more than one stage of work is needed, the better to suit your budget.

To give me an idea of your requirements and allow me to estimate a rate more precisely, please head to the Contact page and send me a brief outline of your project. I will then either provide a quote straight away, or, in the case of an editing commission, ask for a sample by which to judge the cost. In return, I will happily edit that sample for you for free, as a 'try before you buy'.